Bill Johnson For Collingswood Board Of Commissioners

William Bill Johnson for Collingswood NJ Board of Commissioners Collingswood Together 2021
William “Bill” Johnson for Collingswood Board of Commissioners

William “Bill” Johnson

I’m a resident of Collingswood for nearly twenty years and I was attracted to move here due to its diverse nature, population, and residential structures. I’m the father of five children (4 girls and a boy) and married to a college educator.   I grew up in a multi-ethnic neighborhood, where my upbringing taught me the value of diversity and inclusion. I’m passionate about the cause of social justice in our community.
I have been a career scientist for over 20 years, working for two of the top five pharmaceutical and OTC product companies. My career has helped me develop a pragmatic approach in life when taking on any project.  Along with mentoring, I love coaching and helping kids.  Occasionally you might see me running, biking, or swimming as I am an endurance athlete.

As a commissioner, I will actively work to engage with businesses, the school system, and community groups to improve Collingswood for all segments of our community. Collingswood should not only be welcoming to our dinner guests but our neighbors as well.

Bill Johnson, Candidate for Collingswood Board of Commissioners

My Track Record Of Service

Like many Collingswood citizens, Bill started volunteering as a soccer coach for his young children. He led the Collingswood Borough’s Recreational Soccer for three years. He helped support the creation of the boy’s travel soccer program, started the US Soccer Summer Camp, and extended the recreational soccer program to younger ages. After his stint with the recreation program, he continues to coach a girl’s Travel Soccer team. As a Collingswood Marlins Swim Team board member, he serves as the team representative to the SSASJ.

Currently, he is serving as a  Collingswood Democratic Committee member where along with his committee members, is actively advocating for Collingswood residents’ needs. He also is Co-Organizing director for the South Jersey Progressive Democrats, a grassroots organization working on a transparent, accountable New Jersey government. Bill also is a core member of Embracing Race-The Conversation and mentors a young man at his old high school.

My Vision For Collingswood

For Collingswood to remain resilient in the future, we need to actively engage with our community partners to produce outcomes that sustain our longevity.  The three most important outcomes are a healthy school system, sustainable technologies and practices (with the mindset that climate change is here) and supporting our diverse population.  We need to discontinue the current practice of big building projects to grow this town and instead create a strategic plan which helps small businesses and a school system keeping in mind the heavy tax burden residents and small businesses currently carry. This future requires leadership that embraces innovation, commitment to transparency, and is fiscally responsible.