The Collingswood Together Difference

What sets us apart from the incumbents? Where we stand on Policy, Process, Ethics, and Allegiances.


End the routine use of tax breaks for developers. Time to get out of the corporate tax break business and into the business of fully funding our schools

Pay down our debt. It’s borrowing against the future, a debt future generations will have to shoulder.

Re-examine zoning To address issues of affordability and segregation in our community.

End our dependency on the trash incinerator In the city of Camden which is contributing to air pollution and environmental racism.


Hold working sessions like every other Camden County town, so residents can see local officials’ deliberative process.

Scrutinize all contracts to make sure they make fiscal sense and reflect community values.

Implement participatory budgeting because the public deserves a say in how the public’s money is spent.

Open up government Assess whether our very tightly consolidated form of government is good for Collingswood’s future. For our population size, we should have five Commissioners.

Ethics & Allegiances

Independent of party politics.

Transparent Committed to working in coalition with others.

Representative of groups underrepresented in government roles- women and people of color.

Service-oriented as community organizers and volunteers, opposed to using public government for personal gain.

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