Jen Rossi for Collingswood Board of Commissioners

Jennifer Jen Rossi for Collingswood Board of Commissioners NJ Collingswood Together 2021

Jennifer “Jen” Rossi

Jennifer “Jen” Rossi is a Collingswood mom and community member. She is usually seen around town with her daughter enjoying the natural beauty that the area offers. Collingswood was a top pick for a forever home for Jen and her partner because of its friendly neighborhood feel and walkable conveniences. Since coming to Collingswood, Jen has been involved with different volunteer opportunities meeting her neighbors, and helping out where she can. 

“I believe that our neighbors want to be a more active part of what is next for Collingswood, which means opening up the process for more voices to be heard with space for all community members.” 

Jen Rossi, Candidate for Collingswood Board of Commissioners

My Track Record Of Service

Jen became involved with community concerns as Vice President of The Collingswood Educational Advocacy Group. She is known for the streaming board of education meetings on Facebook and supports The CEAG’s website, communications, and requests for assistance. After attending some Board of Commissioner meetings, she started keeping tabs on top community concerns at these meetings with The Collingswood Neighbors for Change including recording and distributing notes and video recordings from these meetings as well. 

Her experience with communication campaigns as a Digital Marketer, member of The Borough of Collingswood’s Police Chief Advisory Committee, Collingswood Public School District’s Equity Committee, leadership skills as a volunteer Troop Co-leader and to the area’s Service Unit for Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey, and advocacy for organizational growth as Chapter Leader and as a member of the National Leader Council for Navigators USA would be an asset to Collingswood’s Board of Commissioners as an elected representative. Jen’s familiarity with distributing important information, bringing more voices into the room with surveys and outreach, sharing leadership opportunities with others, and because she believes strongly in yielding to those speaking from their life experiences and challenges. Jen’s responsibility to the community is to amplify the efforts of others with her skills and privilege while allowing the people of Collingswood a chance to shine. 

Jen wants to listen and lead as a member of the Collingswood Board of Commissioners. She feels that the community is looking for a change in how residents interact with our borough government. 

My Vision For Collingswood

Some of the changes that Jen would like to see in Collingswood to become more organized and connected includes:

  • A caucus session added to the monthly Board of Commissioners meetings to facilitate a pipeline to leadership in the Borough
  • Better accessibility to information for community members
  • A feeling of safety and belonging for our neighbors
  • Host information sessions for volunteer opportunities and highlight community projects for all neighbors
  • Advocate for more opportunities for youth to volunteer and be involved in Borough Government and improving their neighborhood
  • More outreach into the Borough so that concerns of all residents, whether they own or rent, are lifelong members of the community or are with us temporarily feel welcome and engaged