Kate Delany for Collingswood Board of Commissioners


Kate Delany

A lifelong South Jerseyan, I am a writer, educator, wife of a public school teacher and mom of two Collingswood public school kids. Collingswood has been my home since 2007. I grew up in nearby Maple Shade, one of three girls, daughter of a Vietnam Vet, member of a large extended family. My working-class upbringing taught me the value of hard work and of loyalty. Most of all, it taught me the importance of the collective, of dedication and service to family and community. I learned courage in the face of adversity from my younger sister who’s spent her life battling Cystic Fibrosis. I love connecting with my neighbors, hearing their stories and ideas, rolling up my sleeves and working together to make this town the best home it can be for us all.

“I’m running because I believe a strong Collingswood is one that is resident-centered, that prioritizes and fully funds the institutions and natural resources that we value most. I believe good government encourages public participation in municipal decision-making to map out a future that works for everyone who calls Collingswood home. Collingswood needs responsive, transparent leaders who will serve the people without any conflict of interest. The Collingswood community is rich in creativity, generosity and insight. I want to see the diversity and talent in Collingswood activated so all voices are  heard.”

Kate Delany

My Track Record of Service

I serve as the President of the Collingswood Educational Advocacy Group (CEAG), a local education-focused nonprofit. In that role, I have worked to make sure that the issues impacting our schools, students and caregivers remain a central focus for our community. I am a member of the Garfield Elementary PTA and have previously served two terms as their Membership Chair. I founded Collingswood Neighbors for Change, a  non-partisan group focused on improved participation and communication with municipal government.  I am a board member of the Good Government Coalition of New Jersey (GGCNJ),  a statewide non-partisan organization focused on greater accountability and transparency from state and local governments. I am the municipal chair of the Collingswood Democratic Committee. I am also President of the South Jersey Progressive Democrats. I am a member of the local regional environmental organization, Tri-County Sustainability, and have partnered on local environmental advocacy with Food and Water Action and the Delaware Riverkeepers

My Vision for Collingswood 

We have a historic opportunity before us. For 77 years the future of Collingswood has been decided by four white, male mayors. Only two women have ever sat on our Board of Commissioners and no people of color. It’s time to diversify leadership in Collingswood. 

A strong future for Collingswood increases engagement and transparency through good government practices like holding caucus sessions and utilizing participatory budgeting. A strong future for Collingswood involves pumping the brakes on expensive new projects that increase our debt. A strong Collingswood involves rethinking corporate tax breaks that shift additional tax burdens onto residents. A strong future for Collingswood requires leaders who will not use an elected office for personal gain. A strong future for Collingswood means scrutinizing public contracts to make sure they are best for the community, not the Democratic party boss. A strong future of Collingswood involves investing in our schools and establishing a productive working relationship between borough and district. A strong future for Collingswood means environmental innovation to protect our homes and natural resources. A strong future for Collingswood honors Collingswood’s past and works on behalf of everyone who calls Collingswood home. A strong future for Collingswood requires leaders eager to listen to community members’ ideas. A strong future is one we all draft for Collingswood together.