The Gibbstown LNG Terminal: A Dangerous Project with A Collingswood Connection

At the September 2020 Board of Commissioners meeting, I joined fellow Collingswood residents in asking our officials to pass a resolution opposing the LNG Terminal. It was at that meeting that I learned that Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley is the redevelopment consultant working to broker the deal for the fracked gas terminal in Gibbstown.

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A More Perfect Collingswood, Episode 2

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In this episode, Kate and Wes discuss Fire Inspections, the JIF, and Camden County Homeless. In the second episode of  “A More Perfect Collingswood,” Wes and Kate talk first about some of the goals of Collingswood Together, the joint committee (of Kate Delany, Bill Johnson, and Jen Rossi) who will be running for local office in the May 11, 2021 Board of Commissioners election. 

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Time To Put The Heat On Parkview

Morgan Properties is not prioritizing reliable heat for residents during the winter is perhaps not surprising given that they were still threatening evictions this past spring, during the height of Covid.

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A More Perfect Collingswood with Kate Delany and Wesley Fenza

Kate Delany was a special guest on the new podcast A More Perfect Collingswood which promises Hyperlocal News from the Greatest Town in the World. The podcast’s episode was released on 12/5/20. In this episode, host Wesley Fenza talks with Kate about a variety of topics including Collingswood, NJ’s current Board of Commissioners, the pros and cons of the commission form of government, and how it has been realized by the Borough of Collingswood in Camden County, NJ.