May 2021 Collingswood, NJ Election Results are in

Congratulations to the incumbents (Team Collingswood Maley, Lewandowski, and Robinson) on their re-election last night. Though elections are rare in Collingswood, yesterday’s turnout was historic. Many thanks to our supporters and our volunteers.

We know there are community members committed to transparency and good government and the work of creating a strong, inclusive future for us all. It’s troubling that dark money for an unregistered PAC played such a significant role in our small town election. We need big money out of our elections, on all levels–from federal to local.

We are glad for the chance we had to talk to so many neighbors, including those whose voices are so often unheard, who have been pushed to the periphery of our community. We look forward to continuing building those relationships. Democracy depends on all of us–voting, paying attention, asking questions. We look forward to continuing to be part of the work of improving democracy in our town.

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