Press Release| An Enthusiastic Endorsement from Our Revolution NJ for Collingswood Together 2021

Endorsement from Our Revolution NJ for Collingswood Together 2021 for Kate Delany Bill Johnson and Jen Rossi with picture of candidates


Our Revolution NJ Endorses Collingswood, NJ Candidates for Board of Commissioners Delany, Johnson, and Rossi 

The progressive political action organization endorsed the candidates on the statewide call this weekend with requests for help from organizers and advocates to make positive changes for the community.  

Collingswood, NJ, January 17, 2021 –  Candidate Kate Delany from Collingswood Together spoke on behalf of the committee Collingswood Together with the hosts on the live video call for members of Our Revolution NJ. 

Guests on this call included Hector Oseguera, Miguel Ribau, Sophia Gurulé, and others.  

Over 1,000 local activists have been a part of the call since the Saturday January 16, 2021 morning’s LiveStream. 

Mico Lucide, a South Jersey organizer and host for the Our Revolution NJ call made the announcement “Our Revolution NJ is excited to endorse the Collingswood Together 2021 Team in their race for Collingswood Board of Commissioners. Kate Delany, Bill Johnson, and Jen Rossi Are a trio of powerhouse progressives with a local focus and a long-term plan for their constituents. They’re committed to transparency in Collingswood Government, Environmental and Community Planning, and empowering the People of Collingswood to engage with their government. Their commitment to taking the right actions for the next generation is deeply woven into their platform. With a future focus and a clear vision for their town, the Collingswood Together team will help create a responsive local government that opens a path for a sustainable future.”

Mico then introduced to the audience Collingswood Candidate Kate Delany, who spoke for the Collingswood Together Committee, “I am really excited to be on this call and really honored and appreciative to have the support of Our Revolution NJ. Certainly, the mission of Our Revolution resonates with what we are trying to achieve in our town of Collingswood. Everything about putting people over profits is very important to my running mates and I.”

Kate then got into more detail for the participants on the call with the mission of Committee Collingswood Together for Collingswood Board of Commissioners. She explained that “We are looking to clean up local government and get big money out of government. We are looking to take power out of the back room and put it back into the hands of the people. So this is really woven into our platform. To make sure that we have Participatory Budgeting, that we have good government practices to help people really participate where they are.”

More About Collingswood Together

Kate Delany, Bill Johnson and Jen Rossi want to lead Collingswood into an inclusive, community-centered future. Delany, Johnson and Rossi are excited to serve the people, not power brokers, by prioritizing the values, the creativity, the diversity that makes Colls great! Their website points out that this is a historic opportunity to elect transparent, responsive leaders who will work for everyone who calls Collingswood, New Jersey home.

Who Is Our Revolution NJ?

Our Revolution is a New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation based out of Kendall Park, NJ. Our Revolutions’ national core beliefs include calls like the one from this weekend to allow advocates to stay in touch with local progressive leaders who are making a difference in their communities.

“We believe that the only way to win is by organizing – talking one-on-one with people, building relationships, and moving them to take action on the issues that matter to them personally.” Excerpt from the National Organization’s Facebook Page.

About The Collingswood Board of Commissioners

Collingswood is a Camden County, New Jersey Borough with approximately 14,000 residents.  The governing body is comprised of three commissioners who are elected at-large on a non-partisan basis in elections held as part of the May municipal election to serve concurrent four-year terms of office. The next municipal election will be on May 11, 2021. 


Our Revolution NJ Endorses The Collingswood Together Committee on their Livestream call on 1/16/2021

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